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Most large and difficult problems can be simplified.  Oh, it's much more fun and self-serving to make our problems bigger than life, but this only encourages us to fool ourselves into thinking that we are stuck with our current circumstances - or that we are somehow fighting a battle that cannot be won.  I do not share this opinion or perspective on life.

I am an optimist.  I believe that most difficult and perplexing problems can be simplified - piece-by-piece, point-by-point until we rest upon a position that is decided by principles and values.

Moral agency, or our ability to choose right from wrong, is perhaps the greatest position that we must defend.  Principles and values mean little if we cannot choose.  Our individual freedoms are being trampled underfoot by government officials today and is at the heart of why we must engage with each other in meaningful discussions.

Help me protect our ability to choose - even if we disagree on how the issues should be solved.